Frequently Asked Questions

1) What kind of ironwork do you do?

We are a custom ornamental iron shop. We construct new, custom iron pieces for the commercial and residential markets. WE DO NOT DO REPAIRS, unless it's on ironwork that we installed in the past.

2) Do you provide free estimates?

Yes we do, and if at all possible we can give you a "ballpark" cost over the phone. For exact costs we must come out to get your project measurements.

3) What is your warranty on your work?

Warranty period is one year from final invoice date and that covers all parts and labor. Should you require service after the warranty period, the service rate is $150.00/hour.

4) Do you do wood or chain link fencing/gates?

WE DO NOT DEAL WITH CHAIN LINK. We do fabricate wooden gates with steel frames (see portfolio), but not fencing.

5) Do you also provide the hardware for your gates/drive gates/doors?

Yes, we can offer you several different manufactures' for your opening hardware.

If you would rather have something more for your gate then just a standard latch, we can make it a self-closing gate by adding a hydraulic closer. Drive gates can be equipped with electric and/or solar power sources so they will automatically swing/slide open/close. Automated entry options such as keypads and loop detectors are also available for an additional cost.
6) Do you do picket/spindle replacement jobs?

Picket/spindle replacements start at a rate of $100.00 per picket/spindle and go up depending on the style of the picket/spindle.

7) What do you offer to help your products against rust?

We offer in-house metallization of your project, which is a layer of hot zinc that is sprayed onto the steel after it is sandblasted down to the bare metal. We offer a urethane automotive painted, galvanized or powder-coated finish for an additional cost.

8) What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Thursday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are closed Friday through Sunday.

9) What areas do you service?

Typically we service all of Orange County. We have gone outside of our typical service area for larger jobs. Please contact our office to discuss your project if you are outside of Orange County.

10) If I have some ironwork that only needs to be installed or removed, will Saddleback Valley Ornamental Iron do that?

Saddleback Valley Ornamental Iron includes all tax, sandblast, metallize, paint, haul away, and install costs to your proposal. Our policy is to only install work we have done and to remove old ironwork only if we have fabricated replacement ironwork.

11) Do you have a showroom?

Our office has fifteen books supplied with photos of work we have completed. Most of our work is shown on our web-site under the portfolio section. Please feel free to view the portfolio section on our web-site or visit us to look at our photo books.
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